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Welcome to www.gritweed.co.uk!

Chances are you have stumbled accross this website because you have either heard rumours about the existence of a new type of contaminated cannabis (grit weed) or you have been unfortunate enough to acquire some and are wondering whether to smoke it or not.  

'Grit Weed' has become the colloquial name for a general form of contaminated herbal cannabis that has been treated with a variety of unknown sand / grit like substances which appear to have been added to the plant prior to harvest in order to increase the weight of the plant’s yield.

The purpose of this website is to attempt to raise awareness of the issue amongst regular cannabis users as well as the UK health and police authorities. Whilst we do not condone the use of any illegal drugs we feel that recreational cannabis users have a right to be kept informed about the potentially serious health implications relating to this recent wave of contamination.

Please feel free to email us with any information that you may have in relation to gritweed contamination in the UK - we will gladly publish any new findings.

To read more about out gritweed awareness campaign, click here.  For further information about grit weed, including a summary of the common varieties, please click here.


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